Photography by Juraj Molčák
All rights reserved. © 2014 Ľudmila Žoldáková - LU:KA
LU:KA is fashion brand situated in Košice, Slovakia and founded in 2008 by Ľudka Žoldáková.

It has its distinctive style known for feminine look, florals, folklore, gypsy and hippie references. It gets inspiration in traditional folk or historic clothing and re-models it into contemporary look easily wearable in todays everyday fashion.

Besides reviving "the old ways", a big part of LU:KA´s production is based on recycling and upcycling already existing items ranging from small accesories to evening dresses trying to pursue responsible fashion. Consequently, it´s been mostly one of a kind production so far.

Important feature of LU:KA is guilt free/feel good approach which means strict refusal of using fur, leather or other products harmful for animals.

Plans for the future include widening a range of goods from fashion and accesorries to home decor, hand-made cosmetics, small furniture and healthy food, many of these via buying from/suppporting other local artisans and establishing Slovak traditional design platform under one brand name.